I’m a member of the Republican party. You know, the political party that stands for constitutionally limited government, the belief in personal freedom and individualism. The party that truly takes seriously the idea that all men are created equal and have a set of inalienable rights that no other man may infringe. Because these rights are endowed by our creator, regardless of our skin color, where we may reside, or what our income may be. I am a member of the party who fought a civil war to free the slaves, passed Civil Rights legislation in the 1960′s, a party that boasts women and minorities of all stripes, and at all levels, and does so without fanfare and exploitation, without the underlying motive of appearing “diverse.” Yes, that Republican party.

So following the GOP’s failure in November 2012 to reclaim the White House, or well, do much of anything, I found it very curious that conventional wisdom pushed by the likes of The Huffington Post, CNN, Slate, and others, so quickly determined that our whole problem was a failure to reach out to minorities, and Latinos in particular.

Let me stop right here and say I support Marco Rubio’s admirable attempts to put the GOP on record regarding illegal immigration. I do think we always need to expand the tent as it were, and frankly some portion of people here illegally, such as children and certainly those who have served in our military, deserve some sort of special consideration. But our loss in 2012 was not due to Latinos or our well founded pro-border control stance. And I deeply fear that we are being led by the nose by our opponents, only to find ourselves wondering just what went wrong in 2016.

First some basic facts – the Latino vote did not hand Obama the election. Not by a long shot. Latinos make up a mere 10% of our electorate. While they did go for Obama 71% to 29%, this pales in comparison with the single women vote, which makes up 37% of our electorate and similarly went for Obama 69% to 31%. Even the New York Times admitted, in a rare outbreak of honesty, that this focus on Latinos isn’t well placed noting that, “With [five of the crucial] swing states, along with the safe Democratic states that Mr. Obama should have carried regardless of the Latino vote, the president would have reached 283 electoral votes, winning the Electoral College without needing to win a majority of the Latino vote in each state.”

Those are the hard facts, but as I’m from New York City, I can provide an anecdotal side. I know lots of Latinos, a majority of whom voted for Obama (if they voted at all). For one thing, they were voting for Obama and the Democrats regardless of whether he did anything for illegal immigrants at all. Like most Americans, few Latinos have any idea who Marco Rubio is, or the legislation he is working on. Fewer might know that he is a Republican or an American of Cuban descent. Like most Americans, they pay attention to politics a couple of weeks before the presidential election, and maybe they’ll catch the state of the union. If they’re thinking about the Congress, it’s probably in the context of congress not cooperating with Obama, because that’s all they’ve ever been told. There is a pervasive belief in all urban communities, that Democrats are good, and Republicans are bad, that a benevolent government that provides public schools, libraries, the transit system and various public assistance, is better than some abstract concept of free markets and tax cuts for those who pay lots of taxes (i.e. the Rich, not them). Thanks to a collusion of the media, educational and governmental forces, the conservative message is simply not ever made, or heard ’round these parts. Our party could support 100 illegal immigrant bills, and hand out Segways, bottled water, and bags of cocaine at the border, and it wouldn’t make a hill of beans of difference in terms of the Latino vote.

Other minorities similarly won’t be swayed by GOP attempts to garner votes. African Americans will be hard pressed to switch parties after voting nearly unanimously for Obama and the Dems in both 2008 and 2012, and for decades prior in urban enclaves traditionally ruled by liberal Democrats. Not to mention the basic reality that any overtures would be viewed with deep suspicion of pandering, and any in the community receptive to conservative ideas cast as not really being black ala RG III.

We must not put all of our eggs in this basket. Sure, let’s try to do the outreach, let’s support Marco Rubio and his plans. And we should certainly do something to increase outreach so that our argument is at least conveyed in the face of liberal media outrage in America’s cities. But ticking the diversity box won’t solve our problems, and it certainly won’t materially change the very difficult path our party will face in 2016 to get to 270 electoral votes, regardless of the candidate we choose.

Note that I mention 2016. It really matters not how we’ll do in the 2014 election. It’s not enough to win regional races if our party cannot reliably swing a national election. And right now, we can’t.

One need only look at the electoral college maps over the last 30 years or so to start to understand the real problem:

- In 1980 and 1984, Ronald Reagan picked up California, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and quite a few other states we consider “blue” today.

- In the last 6 presidential election cycles (since 1992), Republicans have won only two national elections, and both relative squeakers: 2000 (271 electoral votes) and 2004 (286)

- We all know how close Florida, a tie-breaker state, was in 2000. We’ve had three national elections since, and Florida has gone blue the last two.

- Reagan won with 43 million votes in 1980. Bush won with 50 million votes in 2000. Obama won with 69 million votes in 2008, and 65 million votes in 2012.

So what does the GOP need to do? Simply put, we need to reverse the recent trends and move beyond the current concept of red and blue states. The GOP never was a regional party specific to the south and west. And accepting that mantle means our demise, plain and simple. We need to flip states that have voted for Republicans in the past. States that recently have trended blue, such as New York, California. Impossible you say? Conservatism, the idea that all people are free and have individual rights and opportunities is hardly a southern view. States like New York are leaders in capitalism, even if their elected officials are extreme leftists. Sure, social conservatism won’t sell in New York or California. But fiscal conservatism will, and it will sell big. After all, that’s precisely why people emigrate to the big cities in the first place, to have the opportunity to make something of themselves. These people are at least some part conservatives, even if they may not know it.

I’ve caught tons of flack for what I am going to say next. The portrayal of conservatives by the media as heartless women haters, thanks to the off hand remarks of the likes of Todd Akin and Richard Mordock, is probably the single biggest reason that we lost in 2012. Polls show most Americans are to some degree pro-life. Most women I know who are pro-choice, don’t take the decision to get an abortion lightly, and I’ve never met one that uses abortion as a form of contraception. These people might be sympathetic to arguments in favor of ensuring moral objectors don’t pay for abortions or abortifacients via taxes. They might be sympathetic to arguments against Obamacare’s regulations that force churches to pay for things that are prohibited by their religion as even in New York, they care deeply about the first amendment. However, all of these arguments are lost when we allow ourselves to be lulled into discussions around what legitimate rape is. Forget Romney’s 47% comment, which actually had a ring of truth to it. It was the Todd Akin’s of our party, and those that enabled him, which made us look brutish, and plainly idiotic. Given the single women vote stat provided earlier, it’s clear to me that this was a major contributing factor in Romney’s failed campaign.

No, I’m not saying that social conservatives drop their strongly held views on morals. But given that abortion has been legal for four decades now, with no serious effort underway anywhere to repeal roe v wade, the GOP should focus it’s message on areas that can be agreed across the board. Given the current culture, states like New York and California will simply never outlaw abortion. But plenty of New Yorkers and Californians aren’t too pleased with the idea of being forced to pay for other people’s abortions. That’s something pretty much every tax paying American can agree on. As Bismark long ago noted, “Politics is the art of the possible.” A concept that seems lost within the GOP today. You may be for an immediate end to all abortions everywhere, but wouldn’t the federal de-funding of Planned Parenthood be a win in your book? And something that could be built on?

We need to change the rules of the game. As I’ve noted in prior articles, in the face of extreme, modern day left-wing media bias, we should consider some form of regulation around what is allowed to be termed “news.” But more than that, why did we agree to presidential debates, all moderated by leftists? Why did we force our candidates through such a contentious and difficult primary path? Why did we agree to the convention schedule that let Obama get the last word? And with so much money being collected by Romney and GOP side, why was there so little outreach across all of the states, even blue ones like Florida? Are we changing any of that for next time? If so, I haven’t heard anything.

Where are the efforts by the GOP to investigate and root out voter fraud? Why isn’t there an effort underway to provide for a national voter id system, replete with free and easy to obtain voter id cards (which would quell any claims of suppression)? Or do we want to wait till the last minute for that too, just like in 2012?

Hindsight is 20/20, and looking back, we all had the eerie feeling that these things could hurt us. Well, they did hurt us. The course correction must start now.

On issue after issue, the President takes positions which while ideologically satisfying, actually do absolutely nothing to address the many challenges faced by the American people.

Look, Obama won; he’s a great campaigner, he has the full backing of the liberal media complex, and the American people as a whole have crossed the tipping point where we now have more takers sucking off the government teat, along with those that enable them, than productive Americans who take pride in individuality and achievement, not to mention valuing self-reliance and freedom. I get that.

But we all knew that Obama’s main talent is campaigning. And we’ve known for quite some time that the media is as liberally inclined as the public is feckless. So it’s really no big surprise that Obama has won re-election. What should be a surprise, on the veritable eve of Obama’s re-inauguration, is just how ineffective this president has been, and given the positions he seems to want to take up, how ineffective he will be in his second term in forwarding the interests of the American people.

On issue after issue, Obama takes stands, which while ideologically satisfying, actually do absolutely nothing to address the many challenges faced by the American people. From Sandy Hook to Hurricane Sandy, from the “Fiscal Cliff,” to Obamacare to the “Beer Summit,” there is not one single thing that an Obama supporter (or Obama himself) can truthfully point to and say, “Hey look, Obama did that, it’s a good idea, and it’s actually helped!.”

We’re all aware of Obama’s mad rush to pass further restrictions on Americans God-given right to keep and bear arms in the wake of the despicable crimes at Sandy Hook Elementary. After all, it would be very unlike this administration to let any crisis go to waste. But does anyone, from “gun-control” advocates, to ardent 2nd Amendment supporters, sincerely believe that any more laws imposed on those of us who didn’t kill those children will do anything to stop the next Sandy Hook? New Jersey, the state where the gun used at Sandy Hook originated, still observes the 1994 “Assault Weapon Ban.” The gun that was used doesn’t even fit the law’s description of “assault weapon.” Moreover, our current system of laws didn’t provide this criminal with a gun – he had to resort to killing his own mother to get access to the weapons used. So while Obama and his cohorts work to bring back a law under which the Columbine massacre and the Oklahoma City Bombing both occurred, it’s clear that this isn’t about protecting American children . Federal funding for armed guards in all schools and funding to improve school security are two ideas that might make difference next time, but you don’t see Obama trying to push for anything like that. Because even though protecting our kids in the same way we protect our banks, malls and government offices might actually better protect America’s children, it doesn’t satisfy Obama and his ideological masters.

Same can be said for this whole fiscal cliff debacle. Obama wanted taxes raised on “the wealthiest Americans”, those making 250k and above, because he insisted that “the rich pay their fair share.” But as we all know (or should), people at or above these income levels are already paying more, both in percentage and total dollars collected, than Americans of low incomes. Further, the increased revenues from these tax increases would do absolutely nothing to reduce our total liabilities, amounting to a few weeks of government spending for 10 years of tax increases, and that’s before you add in the additional spending concessions Obama won in this last round. Obama once said that you do not raise taxes in a recession. Yet amid an ugly job market and a tepid GDP for years, raising taxes is exactly what Obama pushed for. Not because raising taxes would improve America’s fiscal picture, but because this was one more opportunity to satisfy ideology, and do what’s right for the Party.

As a resident in the New York Tri-State area, I’ve seen the effects of Hurricane Sandy first hand. I know people who were without power for weeks. I’ve heard all of the stories those reading this outside the area may not be aware of. People are still hurting. The government hasn’t really done much of anything to help anyone. I’m not sure that it’s time to shout on NBC that “Obama doesn’t care about white people” yet, but this is Obama’s Katrina. And while curiously, the supposedly Republican Governor of New Jersey likes to echo Obama and the Dems talking points about Republican obstructionism in the house, the fact is Obama could have stood by his promises to cut through the red tape and asked his party to cut out all of the well-documented fat. He didn’t do that, and instead decided to once again focus on what’s prudent politically, than what’s good for the people he leads.

Countless examples abound. All of them actually. From Obamacare, otherwise known as the Affordable Care Act, which continuously makes healthcare less affordable, to the racial healing of the “Beer Summit” followed by a worsening and coursening racial discourse. From the Summer of Recovery, where two years on, we enjoy 7.8% unemployment, and 155,000 jobs is the best we can do during the holiday hiring boom, to the claims that Al Qaeda is dead amid a craven attack on our embassy where 4 Americans died due to either a youtube video or an act of terror, I can’t remember which. I’m left asking where’s the beef? I’m not talking about political accomplishments to serve a president’s legacy, but tangible results for the cause of America.

There is much this president can point to in terms of left-wing partisan feats. However, there is amazingly little that Obama can cite in terms of legitimate accomplishments in forwarding the important objectives of America or Americans.

Obama Taking Your Guns


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So normally, I try not to ever go more than a week without filing a new article, but I knew that Michigan was going to blow up over the Right to Work vote, so I held off to see what happened. And boy am I glad I did!  I don’t think I’ve seen a better example of union thuggery in quite a long time.  This week, we have been treated to quite the display of desperation as the unions in a last gasp effort, pushed their way into the state senate and created a mob scene in the senate chambers, attacked a reporter from Fox, tore down a tent filled with innocent women and children, showing no regard for human life. After tearing down the tent, the thugs then turned their attention on Clint Tarver’s hot dog cart, destroying it, while yelling such racial epithets at Carver, like “Ni**er,” “Uncle Tom,” etc.  Tarver, who was not there for any other reason than to sell hot dogs, properly stated, “the working people did not respect the working man. He was not there to be political; he was just there to serve.”

We can’t say we didn’t see this coming. This is the typical response that unions have been having as they continue to lose more and more power across the country.  In fact, we were warned this was what could be expected.  Michigan State Representative Douglas Geiss (D) said on the Senate floor, “there will be blood, there will be repercussions.  We will relive the battle of the overpass.”  Really?  A State Representative practically giving a call to arms to encourage violence and bloodshed over giving the people of his state a choice?  A choice, by the way, that the people of Michigan voted in favor of.

This was not even a battle that Governor Rick Snyder had planned on waging at this time, but as Tom Walsh, of the Detroit Free Press tells it:

Public employee unions opposed Snyder’s moves to put more teeth into emergency manager laws that would enable swifter action to rescue cities and school districts that bungled themselves into insolvency.

In Detroit, Mayor Dave Bing and a spineless City Council were stonewalled by employee unions at every turn, slow-walking needed reforms and cost-cutting while the city burned through cash at a frightening rate.

As a result, Snyder’s patient attempt to help fix Detroit via consent agreement instead of imposing an emergency manager has failed.
To top it off, Snyder found himself having to fight off Proposal 2, the ill-advised November ballot attempt to stuff a bag of goodies for organized labor into the Michigan Constitution.

Since Michigan has the highest unionization coupled with the highest unemployment rates, is it any wonder that this show down was all but ordained to happen?

I had planned on part two of this article to specifically cover the financial impact public sector unions have on the solvency of local, state and federal governments.  But then the California Teachers Union recently released this funny little cartoon narrated by Ed Asner and it so infuriated me, that I feel the need to incorporate it into the story.

The video, filled with blatant inaccuracies, tells the story of a Utopian society, where everyone always worked, streets were safe and taxes were all paid in a fair and equitable distribution.  In what has to be the biggest hypocrisy of the entire video, Asner claims that the rich not caring about the poor people caused the infrastructure of California to fall into decay, when the truth of the matter is, that the real reason for California and many other states inability to reinforce their infrastructure lies squarely on the shoulders of the public sector unions that have bankrupted municipalities and states from one end of the country to the other with outrageous pay, benefits packages and unsustainable pension plans.

This ridiculous attempt to further the liberal agenda of class warfare is so blatant it is laughable.  They even go so far as to show a rich man urinating on a group of poor people.  The housing bubble is blamed on the rich, completely ignoring the facts of low income loans given to people who couldn’t afford them, Dodd-Frank, unemployment, etc.

The video goes on to accuse politicians and rich of blaming teachers and fire fighters, etc., of causing the housing crash.  When did this ever happen?  Do they believe that if they just say it, then that makes it true?  When have the rich ever pointed a finger of blame at anyone?  The video ends basically by saying that we would all be happy if there were no rich people.  Could it be that public sector unions, and the teachers union specifically, are finally being held under the light and being forced to explain to the American people why we are allowing them to bankrupt our country?  Is this a last ditch effort on their part to justify why it is so necessary to pay for benefits and salaries that are unsustainable?  I, for the life of me, can find no reasonable explanation for why public sector unions are necessary.  If the government can’t uphold their own labor laws, then we need to elect leaders who will.  What we do not need are states being held hostage to union thugs who have no regard for what is in the best interest of the citizenry.

And finally, let’s not forget the California dock workers strike that brought the entire port system of Los Angeles and Long Beach to a grinding halt for 8 days, with a cost of $1 billion per day.  The reason for the strike?  Union members wanted guaranteed jobs forever for clerical workers, whether they were needed or not.  This is California we’re talking about here, so naturally, the unions were pretty much rewarded with everything they wanted, including a generous increase to their pensions.  I hold California up as a shining example of how to do everything wrong when running a state.  Someday, there will be nobody left to live there except the politicians who have made so many horrifying fiscal decisions, because its residents will have fled for their lives and livelihood to states like Texas and Oklahoma, where people can still live and afford to eat at the same time.

When witnessing all these latest acts of insanity, is it any wonder that unions are losing support in record numbers?  It’s no surprise that when given the choice to work for less money or not work for more money, that people will choose the former.

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Anyone who knows me knows that I am no big fan of unions, particularly public sector unions.  Mostly, I feel that they  no longer serve a purpose and that main result is that they end up eating into company’s profit margins and those losses are made up by increased costs passed down to the consumer and taxpayer.  Specifically, I have a major problem with public sector unions, such as the teachers union, police unions and fire fighter unions.  This is not 1920 and we have labor laws to protect workers today, so the only point to having a union is to take money directly from the pockets of the American citizen.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I actually live in a union household.  My husband works in a private industry that is unionized.  I will admit that because of his union, we have enjoyed excellent health benefits, a pension, a generous hourly wage, etc.  For the 25 years that he has been in his union, they have never gone on strike.  They have never failed to negotiate a contract with management, even when it has come down to the eleventh hour.  I don’t take much issue with them, mainly because they are part of the private sector and for the most part have not made unrealistic demands on employers.  His job is dangerous at times and his union does make sure that he is protected.

I have to wonder though, what is on the minds of the people running many unions today.  While most of the country is happy to be employed and hanging on to whatever pay and benefits they are getting, unions are still attempting to bully and strong arm their way into higher and higher pay and larger benefits packages, to the detriment of taxpayers and employees alike.  Considering that less than 12% of the workforce is unionized these days and union members are already known to have higher paying jobs and benefit packages, what position of power do they believe they are negotiating from?   From my view in the cheap seats, they are losing support of not only the public, but their own members who are now finding themselves out of jobs when they would have been happy to just be working and making a living wage.

The unions seem to be shooting themselves in the foot.   Let me give a few recent examples and you tell me, are unions imploding?  Do you see them becoming nothing more than a memory soon?

Let’s start with what I refer to as “the great Twinkie tragedy of 2012.”  Hostess, already laboring under poor management, a failing economy and a more health conscious consumer had been desperately trying to save their company.  In an attempt to bring down costs and produce a profit margin, the company hammered out an agreement with the Teamsters Union to lower wages.  However, the Baker’s union balked and walked.  Hostess warned them that a strike would put the company out of business, but I guess it was more important for the union thugs to make a last grab for power than it was to keep 18,000 employees in their jobs.

When you get into the details of what Hostess has been dealing with in regards to all the unions, it’s pretty mind boggling and explains a lot. They have had to deal with 372 separate collective-bargaining contracts, 80 separate health and benefits plans, and 40 different pension plans. Bread products and snack products cannot be delivered on the same trucks even if they are going to the same destinations because of union rules.  I won’t even get into who is allowed to load the trucks and who cannot.

Is it any wonder that unions have been blamed for the destruction of yet another American icon?

On Wednesday, November 21st, the busiest travel day of the year, the SEIU decided to stage a protest at the entrances to LAX, in response to alleged violations to workers contracts and city laws regarding living wages.  The little fly in their ointment however, is that the workers had voted by a large majority to leave the SEIU, so they had no standing here.  In fact, the employees themselves appear to be happy with their wages and benefits packages, so what did this accomplish other than to further irritate already stressed out travelers trying to catch their planes?

Wal-Mart has long been a favorite target of unions because they have managed to keep unions at bay.  Their employees voted a long time ago not to become unionized and it has clearly worked to everyone’s benefit.  While other big box stores are struggling through this economy, Wal-Mart has not only survived, but they are thriving, turning record profits.  Some will argue that they are a product of corporate greed, but I have to disagree.  Their job is to turn the biggest profit possible for their shareholders.  Clearly, they have attained this goal.  But they have done it while still selling quality products to their customers at rock bottom prices and managing to employ over a million people, paying higher than average wages and better benefits than many stores that have been unionized.  In fact, Wal-Mart employees get better benefits packages and their turn over is a full 15% below the national average for similar jobs.

So having those facts, you would wonder, exactly what is it that unionizing would do to make Wal-Mart a better place to shop for its customers or a better employer to its employees.  From my perspective, absolutely nothing.  It makes you wonder then, why union organized protests were carried out at Wal-Marts across the country on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.  The protests were touted as massive employee walk-outs in response to Wal-Mart’s extended hours to accommodate holiday shoppers.  In truth, only about 50 employees across the entire country participated in the walk-out, while the rest were all brought in by the unions.  Many were probably paid participants who were not union members, but more likely just people hired by the unions to “salt” their picket lines in an attempt at a greater show of strength.  Did this “great show of strength” accomplish anything?  Nope!  Shoppers were not the least bit moved by their supposed plight and Wal-Mart reported record sales on Friday.

I have to say, this is the craziest way of winning the hearts and minds of the public that I have ever seen.  These desperate acts seem to in fact, have backfired.  When so much of the country is out of work or barely eking out a living, union heads are looking like little more than petulant children who are crying because they don’t have enough toys to play with.   It’s becoming clearer and clearer that the union model no longer works in this modern day economy.  They have outlived their usefulness and with their outlandish contract demands and have contributed greatly to the demise of this country’s economy.  I believe that private sector unions will be the cause of their own demise.  As more and more employers are forced to lay off and even shut their doors rather than meet the outrageous demands of the unions, we’re going to see less people supportive of the union cause.

In part two of this article, I’ll be taking a look at public sector unions and how they are bankrupting municipalities across the country.


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It’s not like we weren’t warned in advance.  How many companies said that if Obama won re-election that they would be forced to cut their workforce to pay for Obmacare and all the new taxes that would be imposed on their businesses?  So, it can’t come as a shock to anyone that one company after another has begun letting go of their employees with lightening speed in the week since the election.  Sadly, the companies can’t designate the layoffs to just those who voted for Obama, so here we are once again, many of us paying for someone else’s mistakes.

Let’s start with the medical equipment tax that is buried in Obamacare that is now going to cost thousands of jobs.

Welch Allyn, who manufactures diagnostic equipment announced that they will lay off 275 employees,  which equates to 10% of their workforce.  They have specifically named the new medical equipment tax as their primary reason for the job eliminations.

Stryker, One of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, will close their facility in Orchard Park, New York, eliminating 96 jobs in December. Worse, they plan on countering the medical device tax in Obamacare by slashing 5% of their global workforce – an estimated 1,170 positions.

Boston Scientific announced that the company would be cutting anywhere between 1,200 and 1,400 jobs, while simultaneously shifting investments and workers overseas – to China.

Medtronic, cut 500 positions over the summer, with another 500 set for the end of 2013. The layoffs have been credited directly to Obamacare.

Those layoffs are due to the tax on medical equipment, but many many other companies are laying off and cutting back hours due to the new rules under the Affordable Care Act.  Any employer with over 50 employees must provide health insurance to full time employees or pay a $2,000 fine for each employee. For this reason, Applebees and Darden Restaurants have chosen to slash hours and cut back their workforce.  If all of a restaurant’s profits are eaten up by fines and increased health insurance costs, what do we expect them to do, operate at a loss?  Of course judging by some of the comments I’ve seen regarding this story on liberal web-sites, that is exactly what the liberal logic says.

Kroger Foods, who employs approximately 350,000 people, will begin limiting hours of their part time employees to 28.  Currently, Kroger’s non-exempt employees can work as many hours as they need to, but that will all change beginning in January.  New hires will also be subject to the same limited hours.

This is obviously not a complete list of all the companies that will cut jobs and/or hours. It is rather,­­ a small sampling of what we have to look forward to due to the short sightedness of this country’s choice to re-elect Barack Obama and thereby giving up any chance of repealing this monstrosity of a job killing law.

A JP Morgan economist “points out that 8.3 million people are working in part-time jobs even though they’d prefer full-time work. Unfortunately, because of President Obama’s health care law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), workers in the hotel, restaurant, and retail industries could be pushed into part-time jobs working less than 30 hours per week.”

“Under the health care law, if a company has more than 50 “full time equivalent” workers, a combination of full and part-time employees, but doesn’t offer “affordable” coverage that meets the government’s minimum value standard, the company will have to pay a penalty. This penalty is determined by the number of full-time employees minus 30 full-time employees. So to reiterate a very important point: part-time workers are not part of the penalty formula. The health care law creates a perverse incentive to hire part-time versus full-time workers.”

Again, I have to point out that we have done this to ourselves!  We have shot ourselves in the foot by re-electing Obama.  I know I’ll get all kinds of comments from angry readers again who will tell me that they themselves did not vote for him and not to blame them, but as nation, we certainly did!  Whether he won by voter fraud or by real numbers, we have to accept that as a nation, we have allowed ourselves to get to this point through our complacency over the past several years and this entitlement mentality that has become so pervasive in this country.

I’m the last person to say that we didn’t need some kind of healthcare reform, but this was not the way to do it.  I have a friend who worked for many years and always had healthcare.  A few years ago, he lost his job and couldn’t find another one.  Sadly, he found out that he had cancer and needed immediate treatment.  Without health insurance, the cost of his treatment will have to come out of his own pocket.  I remember seeing a post on his page wondering why people didn’t want him to have health insurance.  It broke my heart for several reasons.  He is my friend and I want him to be healthy and get the best care possible.  It also hurt me to think that he believes that because we are opposed to Obamacare that we don’t want people to have insurance, and mostly because he will never understand that it’s about this specific law and not about a lack of empathy for his plight.  I believe that if people need or want health insurance, it should be available to them.  However, there has to be a better way to make sure my friend has proper healthcare without it costing tens of thousands of people their livelihoods.

Shoving through this law that nobody read is on Congress, re-electing the very people who did this to us is on us.  In fact, the democrats gained seats in the Senate.  Please someone explain that to me.

I initially predicted that we would have 10% unemployment within two years.  I would now like to amend that prediction.  I now believe that we will see that number by March of 2013.  I can’t imagine how Obama will pull us out of this disaster he’s created, but at least he won’t be able to blame it on Bush anymore.

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To say that I am disappointed by the results of the election would be a vast understatement. I would not be using hyperbole to say that I woke up Wednesday morning and literally wept at the state of our nation. To think that we will have four more years of tax and spend mentality and four more years of government pushing further and further into our private lives leaves me cold. But I think the thing that boggles my mind more than anything is the realization that WE CHOSE THIS!!!

That’s right folks, we chose this path and now we will pay for our choices. This country will get what it deserves. We can blame the media and Gary Johnson and just about anyone we want, but the truth is, we did this to ourselves. There were plenty of ways for everyone to become educated about who Obama really is. If people chose to just let MSM tell them what to think then shame on them. If people voted for a third party candidate instead of the man who could pull us out of this mess, then shame on them. Four years from now, this country will be completely transformed into a place we won’t recognize and the looters will have taken everything and earned none of it and it will be too late then to fix what is broken.

Four years from now, we will have unemployment over 10%, our debt will be over 20 trillion and entrepreneurship will be a thing of the past. Millions more people will be on food stamps, homeless, living off the government. And we will have chosen every bit of it! The decision that this country made on November 6th will have everlasting consequences that may never be able to be undone.

I never bought into the defense that people elected Obama in 2008 because we didn’t know who he was. That’s a ridiculous argument. If you don’t know anything about the man who is running for President of the United States, why are you voting for him? Because he’s half black and it makes you feel good about yourself? Because he speaks pretty words about hope and change and you seem to think that this country’s founding principles don’t fit in with your personal beliefs anymore? Those are utterly ridiculous reasons to vote for anybody. You vote for a candidate because they are going to put the country and its citizen’s needs ahead of his personal beliefs and agenda.

So, here we are 4 years later and the agenda of the Obama regime has been clearly defined and still we have re-elected him. We have chosen higher gas prices, higher unemployment, higher taxes on those who would employ us, higher health insurance premiums, and a higher deficit. I could go on, but you get the picture. We can blame the President for these choices, but we put him in that office. We gave him the green light, not once, but twice!

We are a nation of crack addicts and the government is our dealer! They have turned us into their junkies little by little just like a drug dealer does to enslave their “clientele.” They set up more and more entitlement programs and give you a free taste here and a free taste there until we’re so hooked, that we don’t believe we can survive without government handouts. We have now become a nation so enslaved on the government plantation, that we may never be free again. If you don’t believe me, sit back and watch. Remember these words if you remember nothing else about this article, “The more the government gives you, the more they can and will take from you.” And you will give up little by little, because you are afraid of being cut off from the drug that is the government entitlement agenda. We will watch as all of our liberties are taken from us; our right to free speech, then our right to worship how we wish, then our right to bear arms. One by one they have been chipped away until their meaning has been so twisted from the founder’s intent, that even they would not recognize them.

The American dream is dying and we are the ones killing it. We no longer believe in self responsibility or self reliance. We no longer have faith or the inclination that if you work hard and do your best that you have the possibility to achieve whatever you want, because this is America, land of the free and home of the brave! Instead, we are self serving, self obsessed and believe that if we sit on our butts, someone else will go out and earn the money and the government will take it away from them and give it to us and that is exactly what is happening.

We can do something about this though. We can begin now to turn this country back in the right direction so that people of all races, all creeds, all colors, all national origins and all religions who are willing to work have the opportunity to succeed. We have a mid-term election coming up in 2014 and we can begin there to right the ship! Get out there people! Start working toward getting the right people into office. It all starts at the local level. We can do this! We can save our country, but it’s going to take a lot of hard work and sacrifice! But if you aren’t part of the solution, you will be part of the problem.

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